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Park Avenue Jewelers is a 5th generation, family-owned, locally operated, full-service jewelry store in Tucson, AZ. We've been operating in town since 1977.  We have 3 Graduate Gemologists and 3 Graduate Jewelers through Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) on staff. For nearly 5 decades, we've been striving to provide our clients with excellence.

When we say full-service jeweler, we mean it. We can do everything from Laser Welder repairs to a full fabrication of a custom piece from your dictation. You tell us what you want and we'll figure out how to do it. 

At Park Avenue Jewelers, we use mostly 18 karat gold set with untreated, high-quality gemstones. Striving for excellence, we at Park Avenue Jewelers consider ourselves Makers of Heirlooms. 

Meet the Staff

02 Meet the Staff


Todd Wacks Sr., Owner and President, has been learning about the jewelry trade all his life. From the time he could walk, his maternal grandfather would sit him down to learn about diamonds and jewelry. At 6, he found his first rough quartz crystals laying atop the ground in the Arizona desert and from there the passion grew. Fast forward to present time, he's amassed a mineral collection to rival many museums across the country. More importantly, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge beyond what most jewelry store owners would forget in their lifetime. He completed his studies to become a full-fledged jeweler while supporting his 4 children. As passionate a man as the young boy in the desert, he strives to supply his clients the knowledge to make an informed purchase to satisfy all their wants and concerns. Jovially, Todd will take care of you to the best of his ability.


Benjamin Wacks, Vice President and Bench Jeweler, has a similar upbringing to his father in regards to the jewelry trade. From a very young age, he was learning about jewelry and gemology. After high school, Ben knew he was ready to pick up the family business. Todd Sr. knew the best way to get started properly into the business was through schooling at the esteemed Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). After completing schooling in 2011 to earn the titles Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) and Graduate Jeweler (G.J.), he made the transition to working full time at Park Avenue Jewelers. He is a wizard at the bench and on his favorite tool, the laser welder. With that technology and his experience, any repair on precious metals is possible. Ready to assist you in any way possible, you're in good hands with Ben.


Todd Wacks Jr. has spent his adult life becoming a master lapidary. After earning degrees at Gemological Institute of America that Benjamin did (as well as the Applied Jewelry Arts (A.J.A.) degree), he pursued his passion of faceting gemstones. Driven towards success, he spends 6-12 hours a day faceting beautiful gemstones, more than likely something unique and definitely untreated. When he's not grinding (literally), he's travelling the country exhibiting at gem shows. You can see his setup for yourself at the Tucson Gem Show (find him at room 107 at The Pueblo Show.) In his travels, he's buying new and amazing rough gemstones; a lot of which we get first pick at for our showcases. His success is integral to Park Avenue Jewelers' success by providing us with beautifully cut, rare materials that would otherwise be too difficult to obtain. This helps immensely to set our store apart from most other jewelry stores in the world.


Brandi and Dion, siblings and grandchildren to Todd Wacks Sr., have taken interest in the family business. They are learning all parts of the business quickly and early in their lives. One day you may see them as owners and operators of our establishment. Fingers crossed!


Twiggy (Jack Russell/Chihuahua), Taz (Pomeranian) and Midnite (Dachshund) work very hard day in and day out keeping the store safe. They are paid in many treats and lots of love.


03 portfolio

NOTE: This is a small sample of our inventory. Please come see our beautiful store to admire the full effect. We are confident we will have the jewelry that you want. If we don't, we will make it!


These stunning Pastel Pyrope Color-Change Garnets (3.44ct tw) are set in 18K rose gold surrounded by 24 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (1.44ct tw)



Mahenge Garnets are a little known stone that have some of the best color we've ever seen. We set this 1.91ct beauty in an 18K white gold ring with 36 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.21ct tw)

tw= total weight
K=Karat (gold purity)
ct= Carat (gem weight)
GIA= Gemological Institute of America


3 Mahenge Garnets (4.51ct tw) that are matched color and set in 18K white gold, accompanied by 0.32ct tw of G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds. These go amazingly with the Mahenge Garnet ring!


Demantoid Garnets are known for their high rate of dispersion (breaking of white light into the primary colors). Certain to be an eye catcher, we set this 1.06ct beauty into an 18K white gold ring with 26 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.35ct tw).



18K white gold ring set with 30 natural pink Diamonds (0.58ct tw) and 60 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.79ct tw). This piece is truly luxury. 


This non-irradiated Canary Diamond weighs 0.89ct and is set in a beautiful 18K white gold along with 66 G-color VS2 clarity side Diamonds (0.61ct tw)


This 18K rose gold earring and pendant set has 72 round brilliant Diamonds (0.41ct tw). Organic and unique.


This fashionable and popular chevron shaped ring is made of 14K yellow gold and is set with 17 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.20ct tw)


2.06ct tw Diamond studs of J-color VS2-Clarities. The picture does not do these rocks justice. 


This fashion ring is 18K white gold set with 30 round brilliant Diamonds (0.08ct tw).  The diamond settings "float" from the shank making for a unique style.


A 3-stone anniversary band set in 18K white gold. The princess cut Diamonds are all H-color SI1-clarity (1.00ct tw).


Set in 18K rose gold, this beautiful 1.03ct H-color SI1-clarity radiant cut Diamond is surrounded by 8 round brilliant Diamonds (0.26ct tw). The center Diamond comes with a GIA certification and laser engraving on the stone. 


One of our many engagement rings in store, this 1.25ct F-color I1-clarity center Diamond is set in 18K white gold and is flanked by 0.59ct tw of G-color SI1-clarity side Diamonds.


These 47 Pavé set canary Diamonds weigh 0.91ct tw and are flanked by 46 round brilliant Diamonds (0.27ct tw)


This gorgeous tennis bracelet consists of 26 pear shaped Diamonds (2.89ct tw) and 26 round brilliant diamonds (3.39ct tw) all of G-color and VS2-clarities.


This 18K rose gold ring is set with 9 Diamonds (0.09ct tw). The milgrain finish on this ring gives it a nice vintage look.


See above, this popular style is made in 14K white gold set with 17 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.20ct tw)


This elegant design is made of 18K white gold and holds a fantastic 1.20ct E-color VS2-clarity emerald cut Diamond that comes with a GIA certification. The center stone is surrounded by 48 round brilliant Diamonds (0.35ct tw)


Side view of the adjacent picture. We weren't exaggerating when we used the word elegant!


This stunning 0.67ct oval Diamond has G-color SI1-clarity and is set in 14K white gold with 50 round brilliant diamonds (0.30ct tw).

Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds


5 oval cut rubies (1.00ct tw) set in 14K white gold surrounded by 62 round brilliant diamonds (0.20ct tw). Absolutely gorgeous!


This Ruby (0.39ct) is set in 18K white gold along with 18 round brilliant Diamonds (0.41ct tw). The twisted gold band makes for a beautifully simple look.


Set in 14K white gold, this 0.68ct Sapphire is flanked by 46 G-color SI1-clarity Diamonds (0.50ct tw). Classy and timeless.


A sophisticated arrangement, this 1.02ct oval Ruby is set in 18K yellow gold with 20 G-color VS2-clarity baguette cut diamonds and 20 round brilliant Diamonds (0.67ct tw)


These 70 Square cut Rubies weigh an incredible 8.19ct tw and are sandwiched by 219 round brilliant Diamonds (1.05ct tw). This bangle style bracelet is 18K white gold and weighs 29.9 grams.


A very unique style, made to wear on two fingers at once, this 18K white gold fashion ring contains 6 bright blue Sapphires (0.27ct tw) and 0.50ct tw of round brilliant cut Diamonds.


Set in 18K white gold, this simple and classy band contains 7 beautiful Rubies (0.34ct tw) and 2 round brilliant Diamonds (0.09ct tw).


This 1.50ct Sapphire was mined in Nigeria. 16 round brilliant Diamonds (0.32ct tw) set in 18K yellow gold accentuate this stone well. The blue color in this sapphire is uniquely amazing.


This offset heart-shaped emerald (0.29ct) is fun and stylish. On the 14K white gold band there are 18 round brilliant Diamonds (0.10ct tw). 


Matching set of earrings and ring, these 4 deep-colored pear shape Emeralds (2.35ct tw) are set in 14K yellow and surrounded by 95 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.99ct tw). Truly an incredible set.



No gemstones in this piece, but still very unique. Designer silver, made by a Spanish designer Jorge Revila, this and many more unique Sterling Silver pieces can be found in our showcases. 


This unbelievable Tanzanite ring (5.16ct tw) is flanked by 32 round brilliant Diamonds (1.12ct tw). With the earrings to match, these blue dominant Tanzanites are show-stoppers.


An amazing look at the Laser Welder doing work. Those are the fingers of a man hard at work!!


One of our many Amethyst cathedrals in store, this one is set apart from the rest because of the shape and depth of color. I see The Virgin Mary, what about you?


Set in 14K white gold, these gorgeous oval cut Morganite earrings (3.15ct tw) are surrounded by 48 G-color VS2 clarity side Diamonds (0.25ct tw). The picture does not do these earrings justice.


A 2.49ct Opal set in 14K white accompanied by 49 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.49ct tw). A striking and unusual design that will surely spark many conversations. 


Set in Sterling silver, this beautiful piece set with Labradorite will do wonders to set you apart from the crowd. Labradorite is known best for its blue flash and it shows up amazingly in this piece.


While it looks dangerous, the welder is controlled and calculated. Still, there can be some fireworks if the settings are cranked up!


A much better representation of the adjacent earrings color, this 3.25ct oval cut Morganite is part of a set with said earrings. Accompanied by 40 G-color VS2-clarity Diamonds (0.25ct tw), this piece is sure to be an attention grabber.


Set in 18K white gold, these 10mm south sea Pearls are elegantly surrounded by 90 round brilliant Diamonds (0.31ct tw). The luster and surface perfection of these pearls are top notch.


An over the shoulder shot, you can see the  precision work being done through the small window in the Laser Welder.


Viewed from the back of the window displays, these minerals look underwhelming. Be sure to come to the center and see them from the front how they're intended to be viewed. You won't regret it! 




04 contact

Phone - (520)  579 - 3040
7029 N. Oracle Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85704
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am - 5pm

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